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“So I had an idea…..when I was about 12, to build my own car. Huh! Some idea, but here I am a few years on and I bought me a Kit! A Robin Hood Super Spec. Its a lotus super seven inspired sports car with a Rover T series engine (as fitted to the 220 Coupe) so it should be quite quick, eventually:). 

The kit's like a large Airfix model, you get something that needs building, lots of unrecognisable bits and pieces that all go…..somewhere, oh and there’s always bits missing. The only difference is the instructions in an Airfix kit are a LOT better, and don’t require you to spend a small fortune on phone calls to a technical support line, still that’s one of the joys of Kit Car building… no one is the same as another, even when you buy a “complete” (from new) kit like the Robin Hood Super Spec.  

So, dear readers, press on if you must and share my journey of trials, tribulations, expletives and sore thumbs, as I build my car.”


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